Backpack of love

We believe that education is the key to a better world. With this key, the world opens up to adulthood for a child. A world with control over their own lives dreams and wishes.

We want to offer children a bright future and provide them better education. In addition to providing education, we believe attention during the growing years is extremely crucial. It is in fact an act of love. Everything that you give attention to grows. And we want to see these children grow up happily in an environment where they feel valuable. Hence, we give this Love and attention that they righteously deserve in a backpack. How awesome it can be for those children to not only get an invaluable gift, but also a friend from the Netherlands!

We initiate this project ‘Backpack of Love’ at the end of the year, so that children make a happier start of the new year with a backpack full of love and attention, especially for them.

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