There are millions of people worldwide who suffer from cataracts, many of whom live in developing countries. Cataract is a common condition in areas around the equator and in the desert regions of Africa. The harmful rays of the sun in this region, the desert climate, inadequate nutrition and unhealthy living conditions are among the causes of this disorder, which affects 600,000 people annually at a young age.

Not treating cataract can lead to blindness. According to the latest studies, cataract is responsible for 51% of blindness worldwide, representing 20 million people. Although cataract surgery has an immensely high success rate, many countries people do not have access to this care. Cataract remains the main cause of blindness and visual impairment and the numbers continue to grow.
With the Eye Care Project, we help hundreds of people worldwide every year. With a relatively inexpensive and short-term operation, the blurring lens is replaced with an artificial lens and can help patients to clearly see again. In Somalia, we have begun the treatment of 500 cataract patients. To continue this mission, we need your support. Support us by donating. With your donation you can once again bring light in the lives of these people.

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