Food Aid

It is a challenge for some to get access to 3 times meal a day. To help such families, the Time to Help team went to Greece to distribute prepaid money cards worth 100 Euros to help the aggravated families in buying food supplies and groceries. You can be the source of joy for these families.

In another of our projects, we decided to buy happiness for the children of slums in a small district of Aligarh in India. People look to celebrate birthdays in a unique and memorable way and we provide just the right platform. In Aligarh, an Engineering student with the help of our partner organisation decided to celebrate his birthday by donating money to give these slum children a chance to eat in the well-known food chain, Mc Donald’s. These children can only dream of the privilege of having a meal in these food chains and according to us, every child deserves a fair chance at childhood. Help us by donating meals to these slum children in under-developed and developing countries such as Africa and India and celebrate your birthday in a happier way. Every 100 Euros can feed almost 50 of such children and can be donated on your special days or Children’s Day.

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