Help an Orphan

The children of today are the decision makers of tomorrow. The goal of the Time to Help Foundation is to realize sustainable projects in the long term. We focus on educating children in a safe environment to provide future opportunities in the fight against poverty. With the right assistance, we believe that every child has in her the ability and talent to make a positive change in the world. Education, along with the other basic necessities can arm a child with the weapon of knowledge and self-reliance, an opportunity which we think should be provided to every infant in the world.

We help in a personalized way for lasting improvements in the life situation of orphaned and vulnerable children. For a year, a child is supported through child sponsorship. The Time to Help Foundation looks after the protection, nutrition, water, health care and education of her whilst keeping the donor involved in every aspect. Help and sustenance of the child in the long term means self-esteem, confirmation and hope in the future for her and an invaluable experience for you.

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