Medical screening

Adequate health care for everyone is our top priority. In that context, we organize a medical mission every year. For example, in the past three years, we have organized a total of six medical missions. The medical mission is tailored to the needs of the population in the country concerned. In this way we want to make the preparations as efficient as possible and improve the quality of the assistance.

Our mission is to see as many patients as possible during the general screening and to diagnose the umbilical hernia and cataract patients, so that they can be helped in the hospital. Doctors who possess the knowledge and expertise are also welcome to carry out the operations themselves. During the general screening, patients are selected who require acute treatment.

A medical mission lasts eight days- four dedicated to the medical screening, two for the orphanages and a day dedicated to various activities. These medical missions are done throughout the year.

To make the preparations as efficient as possible, we have made a division per country where a team will focus on each country in addition to the general screening and acute treatments.

Uganda: Hernia umbilicalis and cataract

Mali : Fistula vesicivaginalis and cataract

Nigeria : Hernia umbilicalis and cataract

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