Imagine that you do not have access to a (clean) toilet and each time you have to look for a place outside in the dark at night. This is the reality for 2.4 billion people worldwide. A third of the world’s population needs to defecate in the open air because of the lack of toilets. People without proper sanitation run serious health risks. Poor hygiene is a perfect basis for contagious diseases. Without good sanitation, these diseases can even be fatal. Diarrhea is the second largest cause of child mortality worldwide and the primary cause of it is the lack of hygienic sanitation facilities.

Every year, 526,000 children die as a result of diarrhea.

Often, this inaccessibility to good sanitation stems from lack of knowledge and financial resources in developing countries. Time to Help Foundation invests in building good sanitary facilities (toilet blocks and washbasins). To increase the sustainability of the project, we also provide information about the importance of hygiene. This ensures that people can make good use of the sanitary facilities. We do all this together with local partners and thanks to your support. With your support we can make good sanitary facilities a reality for all.

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